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About Norman Design

Since 1994 Norman Design has provided our clients with dynamic, integrated design solutions. Early on we established a niche working with independent marketing firms functioning as their art department. Our marketing-driven approach and creative solutions served their communication objectives. Today Norman Design has expanded its base to serve a diverse clientele which still includes those consultants but also includes many direct clients ranging from small local businesses to large international corporations.

Our philosophy is simple. We know that our clients demand fresh, creative design. But they also need graphics that have marketing focus and that stay on message. Our team approach assures that clients' goals are met as we draw from the best of our combined talents, experience, and wide-range of creative perspectives for the best design solutions. This is true whether we are designing a high-profile national ad campaign or a tiny web banner... or anything else in our spectrum of services which includes original logos, printed collateral, publications, trade show graphics, packaging, web sites, animation, illustration, 3D graphics and more. We're proud of our work and proud to help our clients achieve their marketing goals. See what we mean.

We are located in the historic Brewers Hill neighborhood in the northern part of downtown Milwaukee. Our offices are easily accessible from the expressway so drop by, or give us a call at 414.374.6070, or email us for more information.