Success Stories

The Norman Design team always does a fantastic job of designing elements for the beer gardens and bringing our rich history to life.
Hometown Community Affairs for MillerCoors | Board Director | Brand Ambassador | Community Leader.
John’s team combines excellent graphic artistry with in-depth knowledge of and talent in employing website technology. You get a project that looks great, works hard and takes full advantage of the latest digital communication tools.
Jack Harms
The Marketing Department.
Thank you so much for all of your efforts to create a FABULOUS Ladder Industries Catalog. You were incredibly diligent — and a pleasure to work closely with.
Kelly Kamlager
Marketing Manager - Wildeck & Ladder Industries.
Norman Design exceeded our expectations when they built our website. Great look and feel that conveys the right message.
Mark and Maria Villani
Villani Growth Advisors.
Norman Design allows me to feel like a web design genius with no experience necessary. I have been in the marketing business for more than 30 years and have worked with an array of IT and web design firms. The only company that made the process easy for me was Norman Design. Their staff is great and they can explain complex IT issues in non-technical terms. They provide awesome support for hosted websites, and they have ‘wowed’ my clients with their website designs. The best part: the projects are done on-time and within budget.
Leslie Bonk
Chip Off the Block.